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Gilles Sabrié is a freelance photographer based in Beijing, China. After years spent working in television, he switched careers to embrace his passion — documentary photography. Since then, he has focused on news and social issues in China. In particular, he spent months documenting the life of China’s migrant workers as well as the fate of the inhabitants of the Three Gorges area.

Sabrié’s images have been featured in numerous publications including Newsweek, TIME, US News, The New York Times, The Herald Tribune, L’Express, Focus, Le Point and others.

His website is flash-based, and most of its galleries are of China or Chinese projects, however the one which grabbed my attention is the excellent Faiths of Asia, which includes 16 large images of Gilles' work in India, Laos, Indonesia and Sikkim. There are a number of small thumbnails at the bottom of Gilles' webpage...Faiths of Asia is the fourth from the left, but feel free to explore the rest of his galleries....another that I found interesting is the Traveling Through Kham Country (the first from the right). His work is alternatively documentary in nature as well editorial-travel, and it's a mix that I relate to very comfortably.

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